Tokorogo Preservation Area for Traditional Buildings

Tokorogo was a farming village in the Daisen area located along the Boryo-michi Road (one of the Daisen-michi roads) which was developed as a road to travel to Daisen-ji Shrine and the horse and cattle market in Bakuro-za. A lot of cultural properties built in the early-modern to the early Showa Period have been preserved in the Tokorogo Area, such as Kadowaki Family Residence (designated Important Cultural Property of Japan), Minami and Higashi-Kadowaki family residences and Mikamo Family Residence. This area has a distinct scenery of old residences surrounded by walls and hedges lined all along both sides of a street. There is a warehouse, stable and a barn around each house. The village houses are surrounded by rice paddies, farms and irrigation canals, which form a perfect blended landscape. This traditional Japanese landscape of a farming village is well retained in Tokorogo Area.