Discovery through Food and Art

Our aim is for KOMOREBITO Sunset Cafe to be a place where people visiting will get to like Daisen area through food and art, and for it to be a place that will make the people living in the region proud of Daisen area.


The View of the Japan Sea and Mt.Daisen

From KOMOREBITO Sunset Cafe, you can gaze out at a view of the Japan Sea and Mt.Daisen.
Spend a relaxing time doing this while drinking freshly-brewed coffee.

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Hamburgers and Shaved Ice Using Local Ingredients

We recommend the hamburgers using wheat buns from Daisen and the shaved ice with home-made syrup. If you are not sure what to try, you can start with this.

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Party Plan

Casual Private Parties Only Possible at a Cafe

We are open to discussion on parties that cater for all scenarios, such as home-made wedding parties, company welcome/leaving parties, end-of-year parties, and live music events.

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Daisen Trip Card

We shall introduce you to regional information about the Daisen area with multi-colored artwork.
Pick up your favorite card and take it to the place you are interested in.

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